Poems #sustweek16

Transition St Albans

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Ver Poets for Sustainable St Albans 2016: 

Poem for Tuesday 22nd November


by Beliz McKenzie

It’s overflowing;

we try to contain it;

reach for wrappers tangled in trees;

pick up papers –

ripped and mud-splattered –

from under our feet;

collect cans abandoned on benches.

It’s overgrown;

we want to maintain it;

shape what we see,

search in the scarred landscape

for that gem, rare and delicate,

protect and nurture it

from growth which could destroy.

It’s overused;

we need to sustain it;

to preserve our energy

in this overheated world;

to create a path,

bright and rainbow-lined,

leading long past our point of departure.


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