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For the individual, it can sometimes feel like it’s impossible to make a difference, especially when it comes to era defining subjects such as sustainability and global warming. When the leader of the free world so readily debates scientific fact and states that he what he really believes in is just “having good cleanliness and all”, it can start to feel a bit hopeless.

We feel it here. Even though we speak with people daily who are engaging with our knowledge and skills with the aim of leading a more sustainable life, we can feel the frustration and negative sentiment on occasion. The fact that the technological answers to some of the world’s most pressing questions already exist only intensifies the frustration. If a lot of the technology already exists, (ref the continued rise and importance of renewable energy) then the problem lies somewhere in the middle of a tangled web of education, misinformation, resources, greed, aptitude, application, leadership and vision.

However, all is not lost. If the difference can’t come from the most powerful office in the world, then it will have to come from every individual, family, community, school, business and leader we can find. Instead of looking meekly at a seemingly unsolvable problem, we need to set fire to people’s imaginations and hearts and inspire every generation to act to protect our world as we know it.

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That’s why we LOVE Sustainable St Albans Week. An organisation taking positive action and developing a framework that engages with a wide and diverse cross section of our local community, demonstrating through planning and participation how we can make a difference and create a more sustainable environment. The organisers say “It’s our district. We love it! And we want to make it sustainable for future generations.” This year over 120 local groups responded and are supporting the week which takes place from 21-29 April. From walks and talks, films and food, bike rides and bird boxes, crafts and community – there really is something to inspire everyone.


As one of Hertfordshire’s biggest renewable energy firms who strive to help people live more sustainably, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to support the event and get involved. We are a Community Sponsor of #SustWeek18 and will be running several internal initiatives to engage with our colleagues – both in the office and out on the road. In keeping with the spirit and ethos of Sustainable St Albans Week, these will be fun and achievable, but grounded in enough fact and relevance to ensure they could be the start of new habits.

When you’re next feeling despondent about the effect you can have as an individual on sustainability and the environment, pause for a moment and consider the ripple effect. Like a flat stone skimming across the surface of a still lake, the impact of one action can multiply outwards, creating change and value far greater than you may ever have imagined.

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Sustainable St Albans Week runs from 21- 29 April 2018 with 100+ events. We would not happen without the support and enthusiasm of our wonderful sponsors.

This year we especially want to thank our Community Sponsors  who are   BRE TrustJust Energy Solutions  and Rothamsted Research.

We want to give a huge thank-you to all of our Gold Sponsors including AECOM engineering firm, Allsopp estate agents, Godfrey’s Green Energy, Independent Locker Solutions Ltd, JPA Furniture, Lussmanns, Lyndhurst Financial Management,  and Veolia environmental services.

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