March 2018 Roundup

bridgeSustainable St Albans are partners with Plastic Free St Albans – see news of what’s been happening here

Plastic Free St Albans

Welcome to our March 2018 roundup! With so much going on already, we’ve released our Plastic Free St Albans Map early. This shows all the steps local businesses and organisations are taking to becoming plastic free, including where you can get a coffee discount for bringing your own cup. Don’t forget to sign up for our launch events on Sunday 22nd April at our Facebook page.

  • Marlborough Road Methodist Church switched from disposable plastic communion cups back to traditional glass. They also tell us that the wine is non-alcoholic, and the communion wafers are gluten-free :-).
  • The Pudding Stop have joined the Refuse the Straw campaign, only serving biodegradable straws. While you are there, check out their reusable tote bags, loose leaf coffees, and cold drinks in glass bottles.
  • The St Albans Refill campaign kicked off – we’re delighted to be partnering with St Albans City & District Council,

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