Feeling the crisis – moving forward to hope and possibility. Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis is a film that takes us on a journey – from the beginning, where we explore what change means to us; to seeing the climate and extinction crisis fully, embracing the crisis – through to a world of new possibilities.
Sunday 26 May at The Odyssey Cinema Book here #SustFest19


We start by questioning;  what gets in the way of change, what do we do to resist change – how can we be empowered by change?


A safe shelter for possibilities to unfold; a sanctuary to go within to find out what’s next. A place for transformation. Journey of discovery…What kind of world can we see in the future – how can we protect, or prepare our future generations?

26-5 Metamorphosis-820x461


We are witnesseing powerful things..these change us.  For example the forest fires in the US and elsewhere  – they show how devastating climate change can be. Not only a collapsed house but collapsed communities…where everything just disappears…loss and grief…damages the foundations….Imagining getting through this to reverse the tide of destruction..


The release, cleansing, coming out of darkness into light. First we get into the heart of the crisis, learning about it, how to fully feel the crisis – we somehow move through it so we are not paralysed. First you have to feel the crisis, feel and understand the extinction of species, the destruction of our bioshsphere –  and not get completely overwhelmed. Embracing the challenge and difficulty, moving forward, having been changed by that process – a strength comes out of that.


This is about finding a way to balance – movng towards and exploring mutually enriching relationships –  human relationships with the eco-systems – harmony, balance.. and human relationships to each other – relationships contributing to each others well being, and success. What might be possible between humans and the earth and humans and each other?

It is important to hear stories that help open up a vision of where we can go. New isdeas embodying basic design principles of repurposing; using what is already there. All the elements helping other elements to thrive. Alternative ways of organising communities like the provision of solar panels to people living in more deprived communities.
The ideas; feeling the hope and the possibilities. Believing in our resilience, our ingenuity. We can wake up in time.


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