Looking for a schools co-ordinator for SustFest2020

Could you help us involve schools in next year’s SustFest2020?

Are you experienced in working with schools? Are you looking for some short-term voluntary work at the moment?

Session with Sheila from the Festival

We are looking for a volunteer to help us get schools involved in next year’s Sustainabilty Festival – across St Albans, Harpenden and the villages.

Last year’s Sustainability Festival involved over 30 schools – infant, primary, secondary – (and scouts and guides and brownies) across the district – they got involved with some fantastic activities – and did stuff from plastic-free lunches; school litter pick; pond-dipping; jazzing up junk to reducing air pollution around the school entrances.

We now need to get the ball rolling for 2020 and are looking for someone to join our small team.

We have a small Sustainable Schools group and do have a couple of people already on board to help with Schools SustFest2020 – but we are lacking the experience of a teacher, or teaching assistant – someone who is familiar with how our local schools operate.

recycled materials

What kinds of things will the schools team do?

The team will have  to send out emails and follow these up to get some traction with teachers or eco-staff within the schools – and then passing on information to our communications team.  Some schools ask for someone to come in to talk to the children; that could be one of the SustSchools team. For the festival itself we also need to publicise activities within the schools’  newsletters to parents, and try and get some photos from engaged schools. We also need to make sure the schools get hold of programmes to distribute.

Contact us

Is this something you could help with? Or do you know someone who could help? Do let us know – email us through the contact form here.

SS Alban and Stephen school
Growing using recycled materials
Bird Watching

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