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Sustainable St Albans proud to support Community Business Awards 2021

Sustainable St. Albans was very proud to sponsor this year’s St Albans District Chamber of Commerce Community Business Sustainability Award.  It was a great pleasure to meet new friends and old at this glittering occasion. 

These five finalists have each put sustainability into the heart of their businesses:

Box Local, distributing local fruit and vegetables and other food products sourced as locally as possible, boxed in St Albans and delivered in the local region.

Leafy, the zero waste, plastic free salad bar here in St. Albans, where the coffee is carbon negative!

Lussmanns, the local restaurant group that has always prized its sustainability credentials and has MSC and Sustainable Restaurant Association certificates to prove it.

Sherrards, St. Albans based solicitors who have worked very hard to reduce the environmental footprint of their operation

JPA Workspaces, who not only source and supply sustainable office furniture, but also find the best possible use for the items their customers are replacing.  

There is no doubt that mitigating and adapting to the worst effects of global heating requires the wholehearted commitment of businesses the world over.  We weren’t part of the judging team, so that fact, and space, prevent us from giving a bigger profile of the finalists’ sustainability efforts and philosophies.  JPA were no doubt worthy winners, but what we really want to say is that it was truly heartening to see “net zero” not only alive and well within our local business community, but being celebrated.

Does your workplace have a sustainability agenda?  “Speak up at work” is one of the 16 steps suggested in St Albans Climate Action Network – Count Us In | Count Us In (   


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