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Creating Climate Resilient Communities: What’s most important now?

On 12th September 2022, Kimberley Hare of HEART Community Group joined Our Planet Our Future to give two short talks, both designed to invite participants to inquire into question “What’s most Important Now?”

The importance of Adaptation and Mitigation

The first session worked to help prepare us for what is likely to be a very different future. Participants explored the 4R’s of Deep Adaptation:


What is it that we most value and how can we keep that? How can we build and sustain our resilience – both inner and outer? What’s MOST important now?


What can we give up in order not to make matters worse?


What can we bring back that has been lost?


What can we do to make peace with, love and support others? How can we live with kindness, joy and peace?

Small groups generated ideas under each of the headings, and then shared these with the whole group.

Your Emotional Journey Through Doom and Beyond

The second topic asked participants to explore their feelings and emotional responses to the Climate Emergency and associated predicaments.

The Emotional Journey?

Denial0Faith in progress, technology, market, growth, business as usual. “if things were that bad, the government would be in emergency mode…”It will all be ok.
Pre-Doom1Curious, concerned, confused, weighing the evidence, roller-coaster, waking upLearning
Doom2Bargaining… we can still fix, solve, transform the predicament, sometimes hopeful, sometimes hopelessSolutionist
Doom3Angry, frustrated, judgement, shame, blameAngry Activist
Doom4Sad, overwhelmed, grieving, depressed, anxious, cynical, misanthropic, resigned, maybe apathetic. “Why bother?”Resigned
Post Doom5Finding some gifts in acceptance, waking up to inevitability; flashes of inspiration and nudgesEarly Post Doom
6Calm, gratitude, awe, clarity, compassion, love-in-action, facing reality “Telling a story with your life that you’re proud to tellPost Doom Bloom
Table showing a possible pathway on this journey

You can find out more about HEART Community Group, and sign up for any of their upcoming events at their website.

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