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Plastic Free

  • Plastic Free St Albans,  Greenpeace locally, Refill St Albans, WUKA, Carpenters
  • Kitchen and household tips: Refill glass jars (storage and freezing); Beeswrap instead of cling-film; shopping bags
  • Plastic Free St Albans three aims – straws, balloons, plastic water bottles
  • Eco-bricks
  • Taking your own containers shopping e.g. supermarkets, delis, butchers, market, fishmongers


  • Cycling, St Albans Cycle Ring, local cycling groups, STACC, Womens, Herts-wide…
  • Walking – benefits – links to Herts Health Walks, links to maps..
  • Cars and Driving – reducing use, air pollution caused by fuel, tyres, anti-idling..
  • Public Transport – links to bus timetables.


  • Reduce, refuse, re-use, repair, recycle
  • Food waste – reasons why you should use food waste recycling
  • Tips on reducing food waste e.g. store bananas/bread in freezer
  • Best way to organise your fridge
  • Plastic recycling
  • Examples of people who have reduced recycling
  • Repair Shed in Hemel
  • Litter picking groups

Wood and Furniture

  • St Albans Wood Recycling
  • Dump
  • Emmaus – to get rid of old furniture and also to buy upcycled furniture

Eating and Drinking

  • Eco places to buy food – groceries and eating out…Carpenters , Green Kitchen, Eat Wholefoods, Earthworks, No Moo Moo, Lussmanns,


  • Oxfam Shops locally, and recycling clothes
  • fashion tips on upcycling
  • STAR – clothes for refugees
  • Micro-beads in clothes
  • Quality, not quantity

Kitchen and Bathroom

  • Cleaning e.g. soda crystals rather than chemicals; vinegar, lemon
  • Laundry options
  • Refill options for laundry cleaners
  • Reusable period wear
  • Micro-beads


  • Thermal Imaging
  • New efficient boilers
  • Gas or electric?
  • Insulation – radiators – where to buy
  • Loft space – heat loss – protective factors
  • Windows and doors  – draught-proofing
  • Lighting – LEDs – why?
  • Winter – temperatures
  • Summer – cooler buildings, air flow
  • Retrofit
  • Solar – including water heating
  • Heat pumps/Air heating/ground heating
  • Toilets – hippos, if its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down…

Gardens and Food Growing

  • Open Food Gardens
  • Growing your own – tips and advice links
  • Permaculture
  • FoodSmiles St Albans, Incredible Edible, HAWA garden,
  • Growing for pollinators
  • Seed saving
  • Herb growing
  • Changing climate impact
  • Water saving,  and irrigation
  • Composting tips, worm composting, links to composters.
  • Buying flowers – locally and UK grown flowers – flower-miles

Local Wildlife Habitats

Watercress nature Reserve, Ver Valley, HMWT, St Albans RSPB,Cycling groups, Batford Nature Reserve, Sandridge, Heartwood Forest, Woodland Trust, ..

Community, reducing loneliness, community support

  • Importance of getting out – volunteering, links to St Albans CVS,
  • Mental health support groups e.g. Mind local groups, Headway, young people’s support
  • Housing issues – homeless support, benefits support e.g. links to Citizens Advice
  • Foodbanks
  • Links to council website on community groups, youth groups, elderly support
  • Art and creativity

Local Groups

  • – eg FoE,Plastic Free Greenpeace Ver Valley Woodland Trust Council Environment newsletter, FoodSmiles, Farm School, Eco-schools..
  • Local transition groups e.g Transition in Kings, Berkhamstead, Welwyn, Divest Herts etc…

National Campaigns

Links to national campaigns e.g. Climate Action, Fracking groups, 350.org, Transition UK, Climate Coalition, Incredible Edible, etc…

Films to watch