SustFest19 Market Take-over

Sun 19th May 11am-5pm

Come along to the SustFest19 Market Takeover! The Sustainability Festival is taking over the St Albans Market for a whole day!  It’s all about how local residents can reduce their carbon footprint and live more sustainably.

  • small bid logo picture - 19.12.2017Electric cars and bikes to try
  • Live music
  • Seating areas
  • Vegetarian and vegan food stall
  • Over 50 local businesses and community groups
  • Bikes and bike repair
  • FREE! For all the family

    instagram-mt-music-1.jpgMarket live music line upinstagram-mt-food-1.jpginstagram shoppinginstagram-mt-groups-1.jpg

The event is being sponsored by St Albans BID. 

Includes St Albans independent businesses such as    The Refill Pantry, Tommy & Lottie, Eat Wholefoods  and WUKA

Community groups like Plastic Free St Albans. Playing Out & Our Street Party,Ver Valley Society, Food Smilesand St Albans Cycle Campaign 

Local branches of national organisations like Greenpeace, RSPB, Woodland Trust and the Scouts


The take-over event will be on the space in front of the musem, and stretch up St Peter’s Street.  Market Place and Spencer Street will be closed to traffic, to allow for test riding bikes.

Reduce your Carbon Footprintfootprintcarbon5 Market areas will highlight the 5 top ways residents can make the most difference to their carbon footprint and living sustainably

  • Flying

Avoid air travel; flying and how to go on holiday without getting on a plane

  • Personal Transport

Live car-free. Personal transport; electric cars/cycling/walking.

  • Home energy

Includes better home insulation: renewable energy (solar; heat pumps; air pumps).

  • Food

Eat a plant-based diet; less meat and dairy.  Consuming locally grown food to reduce food miles.

  • Stuff: Buy Better Buy Less

How we do this: quality over quantity; pre-loved; less packaging, reduce #singleuse plastics; recycled products, sustainable fashion, local products, making repairs.