Can you save 10 litres of water a day?

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We all know using less water is a good thing.

But it can be hard to know how we can cut down. Few of us feel we waste water. We just use what we need, don’t we?

In fact, in St Albans District we use more water than almost anywhere else in the country. Each person uses about 10 litres more than the UK daily average – and that’s exactly the amount what we’re asking you to save.

Sustainable St Albans has teamed up with Affinity Water to encourage local residents to reduce their water use.

Good news: it’s really easy. Just sign up to get your free Water Saving Kit and the clever little devices will do all the hard work for you.

If everyone joins in, we’ll save a huge 1 million litres a day, lowering our community’s carbon footprint and protecting the River Ver and its wildlife. As a local resident, your contribution is absolutely vital. Save 10 a day and you’ll make a real difference to St Albans, now and in the years to come.


Why get water fit?

Get your hands on this unique digital solution to help you understand your personal household water footprint.

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Discover how to reduce water usage through a set of personalised challenges, invaluable tips and free water saving devices.

Water saving superstar

Set up teams for that extra competitive factor and earn coins to donate to your favourite charity.

Become a water-saving hero today

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