Ideas for Week

If you are involved in St Albans and District area with a local organisation, school, faith group, community group, run your own business/shop, work in a team of people, or just as an individual…

We are inviting you to run an event: During the week of Sat 21st to Sun 29th April 2018 you run an event/activity that links to your group’s objectives, and has a theme related to environmental sustainability.

You are also invited to join in with the KnowHow Festival – on Sunday 29th April – a day offering tasters of all things environmentally sustainable? Does your group repair things? make bird boxes? cook veggie food? Or you can just have a stall to show off your work.

If you are interested, please email us click here and send us your logo, and we will put it up on our website. We will send you a Registration Form that you need to complete by 15 Jan 2018 giving details of your event.2018 banner


  • Create a pond
  • Discuss reducing energy in your group’s building/get some energy meters
  • Second-hand/re-use sale
  • Organise a talk on climate change
  • Fashion event using second hand clothes
  • Arrange a car-free day
  • Get a water-butt installed to reduce water use
  • Organise a family-friendly bike ride
  • Film event on an environmental topic
  • Organise a group walk
  • Trip to a nature reserve
  • Arrange vegetarian/vegan cooking demos
  • Solar energy information day
  • Have a meat-free day – or meat-free group party!
  • Build sculptures out of waste materials

1. Discuss with your group: First get your group on board with the idea…. Download the ‘One Planet Living’  themes  (10principleslarge) which shows all the themes covered by the idea of sustainability – from health and happiness to recycling!  You can use this to start the discussion off, and get your group to share ideas. There is more information about Sustainable Living on the website click here

email2. Email us to let us know you want to be involved: you don’t have to decide on what activity yet –  please click here and register your interest and we will add you to our email list and keep you informed with regular updates.

3. Decide your event/activity with your group: You have plenty of time to think about what kind of event/activity you want to run. See links below for ideas  And see the FAQ page.

4. Registration opens on 23rd October 2017. Register your event with us:   Registration Form will be available here:  The deadline to return the form is 15th Jan 2018.

We will then create a calendar of events so you can see everything that is happening across St Albans and District. We will be publicising the events on the website and with press releases.

 Now organise and run your event between 21-29 April 2018.

It is up to you to organise and run your event. We hope you will have fun with the event and also raise awareness about sustainable living with members in your group. You will be part of this exciting new award-winning week in St Albans calendar. You will be an integral part of building a more sustainable district.


 Please click on images below to see ideas for events. We are adding to these pages all the time. If you have an idea please let us know and we will add it!




Cafe, Restaurant or Food Producer

Cafe, Restaurant or Food Producer


The ten themes of sustainable living




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