#SustFest19 Market Takeover is going to be amazing!

small bid logo picture - 19.12.2017Thank you so much for being involved with Sustainability Festival’s flagship event, when we take over the entire of St Albans Market for a whole day on Sunday 19th May.

Everyone should now have received a message from Craig Scudder about their stall. If you have not, please contact Craig using the form at the bottom of this page.

A huge thank you also to our sponsors St Albans BID.

Overview of Market Takeover

See also the main Market Takeover page here.

We all want people to understand the impact their actions have on Climate Change. This is your chance to showcase what you do and persuade people to make changes for the better.

  • Live music
  • Seating areas
  • Vegetarian and vegan food stall
  • Electric cars and bikes to try
  • Over 50 local businesses and community groups

St Albans independent businesses such as The Refill Pantry, Tommy & Lottie, Eat Wholefoods and WUKA

Community groups like Plastic Free St Albans. Playing Out & Our Street Party,Ver Valley Society, Food Smilesand St Albans Cycle Campaign 

Local branches of national organisations like Greenpeace, RSPB, Woodland Trust and the Scouts

As stallholders, food vendors, entertainment and musicians, you are pioneers helping to make the first ever Sustainability Festival Market Takeover a success!

Let’s promote Market Takeover together!

The Market Takeover will be heavily advertised beforehand. There will be banners and posters around town and every household in the borough had information about the Sustainability Festival and the Market Takeover through their doors at the end of March, along with their council tax information. We also have a good social media presence with over 2,000 followers


  • Every bit of publicity you do for your stall promotes the whole of the Market Takeover and increases the footfall.

Tell everyone

  • Key information: Market Takeover is 11am-5pm 19th May at St Albans Market. It is free to attend and family friendly.
  • Tell your own group members, friends and business customers using email, newsletter, website and  word of mouth that you have a stall and will be there!
  • Keep reminding people!


Make your own artworkMarket

  • Get hold of your own logo
  • Download our Market Takeover logo by clicking here and saving the image
  • Put your logo,  the Market Takeover logo and the Market Takeover details into a Word doc
  • Print it A4 and it’s a poster – put it up in your local area – in your house or business window! Ask friends to put it up too.
  • Print it A5 and it’s a flyer to hand out to people.
  • Be extra clever and turn it into a jpg and it’s perfect for Social Media

Go online  

  • Use the tags #SustFest19 and #MarketTakeover on social media so we can all see it and share it!

Use our Artwork

  • Please feel free to download and share any of the images below.

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If you have any query at all about Market Takeover, please contact Craig Scudder using this form….