Could you help us communicate SustWeek18?

The team of volunteers behind SuStAinable St Albans Week is looking for a freelance Communications Contractor to help ‘get the word out’ about this award-winning week.

As our Communications Contractor your goals are:

  • To successfully support the communication of SustWeek18, in order to help deliver a varied and interesting week that increases awareness of sustainability.
  • To “get the word out” about the Week across social media, press releases, radio, website, email, printed materials, and market stalls, in such as way to ensure the general public hears about the Week, and want to attend events and get involved.

We are looking for the right person, and you can set your own hours, within reason.

We picture the contract taking 7-10 hours per week, probably spread over 2-3 days in order to be responsive (with more hours immediately before and during the Week itself). The maximum contract sum is £3000, which would accommodate up to 10 hours per week for 20 weeks from Jan-May 2018, at £15 per hour.

This is a great opportunity to make a real difference to the environmental sustainability of your community, engaging and uniting people with this important issue.

The role description and application process are here: Communications Contractor SustWeek18 final.   The deadline is 5pm on Monday 27th November.

If it’s not right for you, please tell your friends & networks.  We can’t afford newspaper adverts, so we need word of mouth to work hard for us!