Sunday 29 April – 10am – 4pm FREE. Drop in or stay as long as you like!

Venue: Fleetville Junior School, Hatfield Road. Just off the Alban Way. Why not come by bike!

What’s on: all day activities and timed sessions below..

  • Hot drinks, soup, cakes and even beer from Farr Brew available in the Food Zone
  • Info on how to cut down on food waste & tips for vegan cookery
  • Short Films  in the Film Zone
  • Living St Albans Photo Competition display
  • Bringing Life to your Garden – how to create compost
  • Fuel-efficient driving
  • Attracting Butterflies to your Garden
  • Cutting Energy use in your home
  • Bring along your old bike for some love and restoration with simple bike maintenance
  • Ride a Tandem!
  • Kids games & activities in the Fun Zone
  • Display of electric vehicles 
  • PLUS LOADS MORE stalls & activities!
Bring your old bikes along! Marshalwick’s own Botox Bikes ‘Richard is an artisan bike mechanic’ will be at the festival to help you refresh and renew your own bike!

There is a Bike Zone, Fun Zone, Home Improvement Zone, Nature Zone, Food Zone and Make do and Mend Zone.  On the day there will be signs and  programmes including maps to help you find your way around the festival. If you’re curious now, take a look at the digital version of the programme here.

Know how map FINAL I hope-1.png

Why have a Know How Festival?

Know HowThe skills we need to live sustainably are dying out; our grandparents knew how to “make do and mend”, and to share skills and knowledge with neighbours and friends. But the current generation is more likely to throw things away and buy new, and spend leisure time staring at screens rather than talking to each other!

This has led to enormous waste, a focus on consumption and a loss of social exchange; with the environment and communities depleted.  Resources are wasted by being thrown in the dump, and resources are wasted to create new things – that we throw away as soon as they ‘break down’. Few of us bother – or even know how to make things good again.

Meantime, advances in technology like electric cars and electric bikes, create new opportunities but need to be better understood. We know many people want to make changes but they need to know how.

The “Know How Festival”  will help by teaching practical skills that build resilience to our changing environment –  the festival is an informal, fun, collaborative space. Local residents of all ages and backgrounds can drop-in to learn something new.

Aim of the Know How

Our day helps to create small significant changes in behaviour: less waste, more cycling, lower meat consumption. The day will help us all apply more resilient thinking to our everyday lives.