Playing Out St Albans District is delighted to be involved in this year’s Sustainability Festival. Please find below our Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt activity.

The Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt is for everybody! Download it or use it on your phone. It’s a simple tick-list of 21 sustainability-related items that you might spot around your neighbourhood in streets and alleyways. A lovely way to make you look differently at the streets you know so well and great fun for all ages. Why not do a litter pick at the same time?

You might choose to collect some of the items on the list in a bucket but others can’t be “collected”. Why not “collect” them on. your camera instead. Share some of your photos or even a collage of your finds on social media using the tag #SustFest21?

[Please note that when you click on the above PDF file it may well go straight into your downloads folder so check there if you can’t find it.]

To find out more about closing your road to allow the children to play out and the adults to build community, visit our Playing Out Home page.