robin in a garden
Photo: Pauline Bernfeld, Unsplash

Supporting and encouraging our wildlife is vital for our interconnected eco-systems to thrive and provide a healthy planet for us all to inhabit. Now more than ever, we can act to make a difference to our wildlife at a time of habitat loss and pesticide use that threatens biodiversity.

Here are just a few resources to get you started on encouraging the wildlife and increasing biodiversity in our gardens, parks, woodlands and local spaces.


Educational resources

Responsible gardening


Organisations & projects to support

  • Wilderhood Watch – working together to create an eco-friendly neighbourhood in St Albans
  • Wilder St Albans – Herts Middlesex Wildlife Trust project with St Albans City & District Council and St Albans Environmental Action Group to increase the habitats across St Albans and the wildlife they support by coordinating a programme of practical action by the community.
  • RSPB St Albans – Local branch of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

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