Entries can be now be seen at a display at Verulalmium Museum through the month of May 2018 – do go along and see!

Winners are:

 Secondary (under 18) winners

1st Daniela Trhacova (Year 13 Oaklands) £100

Daniela Trhacova - dtrhacova13oaklands
Winner (under 18) Daniela Trhacova Year 13 Oaklands College: ‘Sustainable materials. This image is bubble wrap under the microscope. Plastic is one of the materials the world must consider using carefully. ‘

2nd Nixie Kibbey (Year 7 St Albans Girls’ School) £50

Nixie Kibbey - NKibbey7STAGS
Nixie Kibbey – My photo represents walking to school instead of driving as it helps to decrease pollution and fossil fuels (global warming) and it saves electricity.

3rd Holly Cutler (Year 9 Sandringham) £25

Holly Cutler - image
Holly Cutler – This photo was taken at Oaklands College and I took it as my mum loves to grow vegetables, and she uses manure from Oaklands to help her grow those vegetables

Junior (Under 11) Winners

1st Rebecca Bint (Year 5 Oakwood) £100

Rebecca Bint - RBint5oakwood
Winner Under 11: Rebecca Bint (Year 5 Oakwood) ‘The future of St Albans needs people to use sustainable transport. Less cars and more bikes!

2nd Felix Raisin (Year 4 Fleetville Junior) £50

Josie Raison - 47D7591A-597C-436F-8150-0ECC17B864A6
2nd Felix Raisin (Year 4 Fleetville Junior) £50 Honeysturtium – At the end of last summer the Nasturtium seeds fell from the flowers. I dried them on a plate and put them in our old glass honey jar. Here is my photograph of the seeds which I’ll plant back into the garden

 3rd Rosemary Bomphrey (Year 3 Oakwood) £25

Richard Bomphrey - rbomphrey3oakwood
Rosemary Bomphrey – We saw the signpost and liked it because it encourages people to travel in St Albans in three sustainable ways: by train, walking or cycling.

Infant (under 7) winners:

1st: Dexter Roberts (Reception St Nicholas School)

Dexter Roberts
Winner Under 7’s: Dexter Roberts (Reception St Nicholas School) ‘ My organic hens enjoying the outdoors even in the rain. We sell our eggs locally’

2nd  Edward Cummings (Reception Samuel Ryder) £50

edward cumming - ecummingrsamuel
Edward Cumming – Reception Samuel Ryder: We are recycling so that we can use things again

3rd Ethan Hughes (Year 2 Redbourn Infants) £25

Ethan Hughes - ehughes2redbourninfants
3rd Ethan Hughes (Year 2 Redbourn Infants) You shouldn’t always use gas and petrol. Solar and wind power are more sustainable.

Group entry winners

4th St Albans Cubs: William Watts,  Oscar Nagalingam, Charlie Nicholson, George Nudd,   Yolanda Hicks,   James Shek,  Damien Tyler, Amy Witton,     Joshua Dagenais, Euan Sakuma-Carruthers, Ethan Robertson,   Adams Richardson   £100

‘Cubs made and decorated bird boxes. They then chose their own locations for their bird boxes and took photographs of them.’