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To see an overview of the Playing Out St Albans District project visit our main Playing Out St Albans District page. For our how-to guide to starting your own Playing Out scheme in St Albans District, please visit our Steps to Playing Out page.

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Events from Playing Out St Albans District

If you would like to start holding Playing Out sessions on your street, do come along to one of our free Playing Out Information sessions. Sessions are usually held a few weeks before our application deadlines. The next sessions will now be in 2022.

Please sign up to our mailing list to be notified of future information session dates.

Application Deadlines

Our 2021 application season has now closed. The next deadlines for applications are as follows:


  • We anticipate that applications will start again in January 2022 for Playing Out dates of March onwards. These will mostly be aimed at renewals or those that have previously attended our information sessions. However, all the information you need to apply is in these pages. We recommend you contact us for a bit of guidance if you plan to “self-serve” of this information before applying.
  • There will most likely be three subsequent deadlines approximately every 8 weeks. For example, one in March 2022 for Playing Out dates of May 2022 onwards.

If you want to apply for Playing Out, you can get your street ready at any time. Please follow the Steps to Playing Out – the link to the application system is on that page at Step F.

Sign up to our mailing list to be alerted about applications deadlines. 

Remember you must consult the other residents (and businesses) on your street – before you can apply so please give yourself plenty of time to do that before an application deadline.  

Choosing your Playing Out dates

In St Albans District, you may close your road for Playing Out up to 8 times a year for up to 3 hours each time in daylight hours.  

You do not have to apply for a year’s worth of dates at once but, to save your time and ours, we do recommend you apply for multiple dates. It takes approximately 8 weeks to turn around the applications so earliest playing out dates should always be two months after the application deadline.

Don’t forget to check festivals (eg Easter), celebrations (Mothers’/Fathers’ Day), bank holidays, local school holidays and local community events (esp school fairs and town carnivals) when choosing your dates. You want the maximum number of people to be able to attend.


  • 8 times a year maximum
  • 3 hours at a time maximum
  • Daylight hours only
  • Apply for dates at least 2 months after application deadline
  • Apply for multiple dates wherever possible
  • Check your proposed dates against other celebrations and events

Interesting dates include

National Play Day: usually the first Wednesday in August
World Car Free Day 22nd September – we usually encourage applications for playing out on the nearest weekend.
Silver Sunday (Celebrating Older People): usually first Sunday in October

Remember, you can also apply for a street party through Herts County Council on top of your 8 closures per year for Playing Out. So in total you can close your road 9 times. We recommend you continue to use the Herts County Council system for street party applications. See local group Our Street Party and Herts County Council website for more information.


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