On this page you’ll find a rundown of handy tips & tricks for spreading the word about your events during Sustainable St Albans Week 2018 – including new *Template* poster for you to use – see below!

If you create a flyer for your event – please include our Supporters’ badge – see image below, or download it here. 

You can create a poster using Word and just insert this image – you can change its size to fit your poster.

There are loads of online blogs and websites where you can list your events and spread the word about the exciting things you have planned!



You asked for them so here they are! 

Template Poster – make your own flyer/poster

Sustainable St Albans Template (1)

Click here to download a template poster for your event. This will work best on a PC. The Word template has text boxes for you to fill in with your own details. Sometimes when you download, the text boxes may have moved around a bit – don’t panic! You can just click on where you see the black text, hold and move the box back into place on the white boxes. Then fill them in with your information! If you have a photo, you can also include that! Please note that this version may not be compatible with Word for Mac.

If you’d like to make you’re own you’re more than welcome, although we suggest you use our supporters logo (above) and see below for our guidance.

Sustainable StAlbans Week Poster

Print and put up on your notice-board.


I have organised an event! How do I spread the word?

Your event will be published in the Sustainable St Albans Week brochure but there are other things you can do…
  1. Promote your event yourself – list your event on a local website or ‘what’s on’ listing. Tell people about the exciting things you’ve planned!
  2. Create your own flyer and send it to your email group
  3. Add the Supporters’ Badge to your flyer or poster (at the bottom of this page)

How do I create a poster or flyer?


You can create a simple Word document or you can use a 3QILo3pF_400x400free online site like Canva, which has templates for any type of event imaginable and is a so simple to use. The free version is very versatile, so have a look and see if it works for you.

Spreading the Word

The last thing you need to consider is distribution – will you get it printed, or will you simply share it online. Either option is fantastic, as long as you keep sharing and promoting your public event to get as many people there are possible.

Printed Flyers – distribution at Sustainable St Albans events

Sustainable St Albans has several events: if you drop off your flyers to these events we can distribute them for you.

  1. Speed Networking Event Friday 16th March 7-9pm at St Albans District Council Civic Centre AL1 3JE – All organisers are invited! If you want to come and share your flyers and information find out more and book your place here.
  2.  St Albans Market Stall 9am – 4pm on  Sat 14th April
  3. Harpenden Farmers Market on Sun 25th March.
  4. St Albans Tourist Office may take a dozen of your leaflets

Where can I post my event?

Here is a list of various different sites where you can list your events:

What to include on my flyer/poster?

  • Give your event a title
  • Keep it short and snappy
  • Include a link to your website or email
  • Include a link to sustainablestalbans.org
  • Please include this: Part of Sustainable St Albans Week 2018 see sustainablestalbans.org

Example of listing an event
Nature walk in Verulamium Park
‘All welcome including children. Meet up at 2pm at Westminster Lodge. Enjoy leisurely stroll approx 2 miles. Sat 21 April 2pm -4pm. http://www.naturewalk.org Part of Sustainable St Albans Week 2018 see sustainablestalbans.org’