Publicity Resources: Below you will find flyers posters…  Sustainable St Albans Week logos, Postcards to Paris to help you advertise your own event, and to advertise the week.

See and share pdf Programme of Events here: SuStAinable_StAlbans_Programme_WEB

Press Release: If you have time send information/press release about your Sustainable St Albans event to the Herts Ad. Make sure you say you are ‘running the event as part of Sustainable St Albans Week’ – Also always include a photo with people in it!  Include details of people in the photo  Click here for Herts Ad link 

Twitter:  Tweet about your event, or your interest by using the hashtag #SustainableStA

If you need anything more please contact us click here.

1.SuStAinable StAlbans Week Flyer:

These should be printed colour only:

PDF Flyer front and back for colour printing

JPEG Front Page Flyer

final main SSA flier for printingpic

JPEG Back Page Flyer

final back main SSA flier for printing

2. Template A4 Poster – black and white printing

Groups can use these A4 posters to advertise their activity. There is space for you to write or attach information about your event on the week. You can print them in black ink only – or you can use colour.

Word Documents- main elements for you to make your own poster. We are using the font ‘Bodoni Hand’.

Simple Word Template Poster here  word template for groups

  1. A4 top or bottom horizontal logo
  2. A4 word tree logo –
  3. 2. Word square logo 

PDF and JPEG Template posters

Template Poster for groups FINAL copypic

 PDF Template Poster for groups 

JPEG Template Poster


3. Colour A4 poster

Colour PDF Poster Stone

Colour PDF Poster White

Colour stone Poster FINALpic Colour JPEG Poster Stone  Colour White Poster FINAL copy 3pic Colour JPEG Poster White

Please use this logo for any publicity you are creating for your own event.

(i) Word logo Word square logo

(i) Sustainable St Albans logo PDF click here

(ii) Below is Sustainable St Albans logo JPG


(iii) small square logo PNGlogotreeabove2

(iv) small square logo pdf


(5)  Postcards to Paris

If you are unable to pick up Postcards from our market stalls on Sat 7th and Sun 15th, or from an event, then you could print the postcards for yourself.

(i)  PostcardtoParis  yellow card PDF

(ii)   PostcardtoParis Address Side PDF P2Pyellow card only

FINAL template adult A6 long logo pic

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