Read this excellent guide from Which? all about solar installation, including what houses are suitable, and a video of a typical installation.

Listen to this podcast from BBC iPlayer “39 Ways to Save the Planet : More Power from the Sun

Catch-up with this webinar from SustFest 21 on local scheme Solar Streets (see below).

Read our blog about a St Albans person’s experience of having solar panels installed: “Our New Solar Panels: a real life experience“.


Solar Steets is the local scheme through which St Albans district residents can get solar panels at a reduced cost and contribute to a local community scheme. Any individual or business in the district can apply for the discounted installation. The Solar Streets project offers discounted solar PV installation at £4,000 for a 12 panel, 4kWp system. That system will save 1.01 T of carbon dioxide per year and each installation adds £50 to a community fund to be spent to help install solar panels on community buildings in the town.

There are several other local solar installers. Look on the MCS Accredited suppliers list and search for St Albans. Word of mouth is important, so it’s always worth asking around, including on Facebook groups like St Albans Eco.


The planning portal is a good place to start if you want to understand planning permission considerations for any eco-friendly adaptation of your property.

COMMIT: Sign up to Count Us In today, and make changes that matter.

When you register, tick to say you are part of the St Albans Climate Action Network, and then your steps will be counted alongside other local people.

Installing solar panels is one of the 16 highest impact steps to can take.

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