St Albans’ Solar Streets is a community solar project –

district wide across St Albans, Harpenden and villages –

for all home-owners and businesses to get discounted solar installations

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As part of the council’s Net Zero Action Plan the St Albans City and District Council are working in partnership with the photo voltaic installer – IDDEA Ltd – to help homeowners and businesses install discounted solar panels.

Any individual house or business in the district can apply for the discounted installation.

Solar Streets – brought to you by IDDEA Renewable Energy Systems- offers residents a discounted solar PV installation at £4000 for a 12 panel, 4 kWp system.  That system will save 1.5 T of Carbon Dioxide per year and each installation adds £50 to a Community Fund to be spent on sustainable projects in the town.

Each completed installation attracts a £50 donation towards the Community Fund – to help install solar for a community project(s) in the district.

Increased Community Fund for 6 or more houses in one street!

Here at Sustainable St Albans we would love to see streets working together to get solar installation for several houses in the street – if you can find 6 or more houses in your street to get solar installed – then the Community fund donation rises to £75 per house.

St Albans’ Solar Streets

Click on flyer image to view/download the St Albans Solar Streets flyer .

For each installation there is a £50 donation to the Community Fund to enable a local community project to get solar.

For six or more houses the community fund donation increases to £75 per installation. Get talking to your neighbours now!

Find out how to get your discounted solar installed.

Solar Streets flyer

See 2 examples of Solar PV already being used in the area:

Case Study 1

“Our system has a capacity of 2.25kWp with 9 panels and cost £5,200 in 2015.  The average electricity generated has been 2,033 kWh which is higher than our electricity usage of 1,579 kWh although during the winter and in the evenings we still import from the grid.  It is very self regulating and we just have to take a meter reading so the Feed in Tariff payments can be made every quarter.  The only issue we have had is to prevent birds from nesting under the panels we have put protective wiring around the base of the panels” JB, St Albans

Case Study 2

“Our system has a capacity of 5.4kWp with 14 panels and cost £8,000 in 2020.  The expected average electricity generated is 5,000 kWh and we are using around half of the amount produced.  We expect the break even on the investment to be around 11 years and we get 5.4p/kWh for the electricity we produce and don’t use via the Smart Energy Guarantee from our supplier” KM, Harpenden

Community Fund
For each installation £50 is donated to help install solar on community buildings in the district – the council will be deciding which buildings..

Extra Community Fund for Six Houses on one street!

Sustainable St Albans has agreed with Solar Streets for an additional amount of community fund if 6 or more houses in one street participate

For six or more houses the community fund donation increases to £75 per installation. Get talking to your neighbours now!

” Give me the splendid silent sun, with all his beams full dazzling”

Walt Whitman