Join us at one of the Two repair fairs
that will take place during Susfest22.

In St Albans and Harpenden there has long been an interest in changing attitudes towards the throw away culture that wastes resources and blights our landscape with discarded electrical and electronic items. Even when it happens, recycling is inefficient and costly. Many items could be given a new lease of life with a simple repair.

we can help you fix
your kettle that no longer boils;
the toaster that doesn’t toast;
or that laptop that won’t boot up.

The St Albans District Fixers have the skills to help you repair and reuse items that may have otherwise been discarded. They have been inspired by The Restart Project which was set up as a people-powered social enterprise with the aim of fixing our relationship with electronics. It has since taken the lead in inspiring and coordinating many groups worldwide with similar aims, including in our own district.

The St Albans District Fixers, a Sustainable St Albans initiative, have the ambition to have a number of events throughout the year.

The next two events will take place during the Sustainability Festival 2022. The first is on 14th May at the Quakers Meeting House in Harpenden, the second on 28th May at the at Marshalswick Baptist Church.

You can book a slot with a fixer via Eventbrite, use the links below
For the Quaker Meeting House Fair in Harpenden on the 14th May, click here…
For the Marshalswick Free Baptist Church Fair on the 28th May, click here…

At both events group of skilled amateur fixers will look forward to tackling all manner of portable electrical and electronic goods, and in addition, we will be offering simple fabric and clothing repairs as well as bike servicing and repair.

Further details about the group can be found on the Fixers Facebook page.

Simple fabric and clothing repairs. Get help to repair, reuse and recycle clothing. At the repair fair we will have people with sowing skills to bring life back to items that otherwise might be discarded.

The art of bicycle maintenance. At the repair fair there will be advice and support on bike servicing and repair to get you and your bike going again.

The Restart Project
To find out more about fixing stuff, we have collated some resources from the Restart Project if you are interested in the wider issues such as the right to repair. The Restart Project maintains a database of many thousands of fixes to support its campaigning for a meaningful right to repair. We will contribute to this, at the same time enabling us to obtain estimates from their “Fixometer” tool of the e-waste and CO2 emissions averted. For example, at the event in 2019 at St Luke’s, it told us that in just a few hours we may have saved 37kg of e-waste and averted 373kg of CO2 emissions. Over the coming months and years we expect to substantially add to those figures. At the same time, our collective efforts will help counter the throw-away mentality and foster a culture of repair across the district.

Join us!
So, if you have some skills and want to join the fixing team do drop us a note using the form below and tell us what skills you have to support our collective efforts.

You can also join our Facebook group
dedicated to the St Albans District Fixers

Our ambitions for the future
Looking to the future, we plan to hold events across the district, either under the banner of local community or faith groups at their invitation, or off our own bat in hired premises. To start us off, we already have a pool of around a dozen skilled local amateur fixers. Why not help us grow that number and contact us, tell us about your skills and capabilities, all are welcome. Different fixers bring different skills, and so we will learn from one another and broaden our knowledge. At the same time we will encourage those who bring broken gadgets to participate in the fix, to gain some understanding of what went wrong, how to make more durable purchases in future, and perhaps acquire the confidence to undertake simple repairs themselves.

To be kept informed of the next St Albans District Fixers event sign up to the
Sustainable St Albans Newsletter on our contact page.

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