Special assemblies for Schools for SustFest21

Thank you for requesting the link to our special SustFest21 assemblies for St Albans District Schools. These assemblies are for you to use particularly during SustFest21 schools week, 24th – 28th May. All the assemblies are designed to last 15-20 minutes.

We would be grateful if you would not share the link to this page outside your school. We are keen to know the usefulness and reach of our assemblies and we can only know that by asking each school to contact us for the link. If you would like to share this assembly with a colleague from another school, please forward them the link to the Sustainable Schools page from where they can sign up as you have.  https://sustainablestalbans.org/schools.

Preparation: Please note some of the assemblies have links to internet sites, including You Tube videos. You will need to ensure your firewall does not prevent you from accessing these resources – we recommend a dummy run!

Teachers’ Notes: There are Teachers’ Notes for both Primary and Secondary schools for you to download. These include information on the content as well as links you can use to further develop your pupils’ understanding of climate change and how you can take action within school.

Parent/Carer Flyers: After hearing the assembly, your pupils are likely to want to take some action to reduce their impact on the planet, at home.  To support them with this, and let their families know what they have been learning about,  please ask your admin team to send the relevant ‘information for parents/carers’ flyer home with your school newsletter.

If you have any problems, please do contact us using the form on the main schools page (link to that page at the bottom of this one).

For Primary Schools

Please find below Primary School Teachers’ Notes, a flyer to send home to parents/carers and the actual assemblies.

The Infants Assembly – suitable for Reception, KS1 and lower KS2

This assembly takes the form of a video by children’s author, Ellie Jackson, of the Wild Tribe Heroes books. She is reading her story “Hunter’s Icy Adventure”. You can see all her books on the Wild Tribe Heroes website. Your school can purchase the books directly from her; if you use the code SUSTFEST21, 50% will go to sustainable projects locally

Ellie Jackson and Hunter’s Icy Adventure. Photo: Ellie Jackson

Download the video to your local machine via the link above or click the image below to watch on You Tube.

Direct YouTube link is https://youtu.be/9IuAYk6OAhk.

The Juniors Assembly – suitable for KS2

The Juniors Assembly takes the form of a powerpoint presentation to be delivered by teachers or. possibly, students. You will see that there are a number of notes against each slide to help you know what to say.

For Secondary Schools

Please find below Teachers’ Notes, Flyer to send home to parents/carers and the actual assemblies for secondary schools

The Secondary Assembly

The Secondary Schools’ Assembly takes the form of a video by two youth volunteers from the Sustainable St Albans Schools’ project. If preferred, you can give the powerpoint presentation they give yourself or give it to some students to present. Please download it below.

Download the video to your local machine via the link above or click the image below to watch on You Tube.

Direct link to You Tube is https://youtu.be/RTPx5g9oKA4

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