Special assemblies for Schools for SustFest21

Thank you for requesting the link to our special SustFest21 assemblies for St Albans District Schools.

These assemblies are for you to use particularly during SustFest21 schools week 24th – 28th May.

Please note all assemblies have links to internet sites, including You Tube videos. You will need to ensure your firewall does not prevent you from accessing these resources – we recommend a dummy run!

If you have any problems, please do contact us using the form on the main schools page (link to that page at the bottom of this one).

Infants assembly:

Download the video to your local machine via the link above or click the image below to watch on You Tube.

Direct YouTube link is https://youtu.be/9IuAYk6OAhk.

Juniors assembly:

Secondary assembly:

The link will go here