All that Glitters…sustainable jewellery..

Making it, Buying it, Loving it. Do you love jewellery? Is it the choosing, the buying, or the wearing that you really like, or perhaps all three! Or do you want to make your own? Then there is the guilty bit, “where has it come from, how do I know it has been ethically sourced;Continue reading All that Glitters…sustainable jewellery..

How to go #plasticfree Part 1: Plastic-Free Kitchen

The Big Picture: why do we need to go Plastic Free? Plastic-Free July is a great time to start or continue down your journey to cut out single-use plastic. I’m sure many of you are keen to do this, but when faced with supermarket aisles full of plastic, it is very hard not to justContinue reading How to go #plasticfree Part 1: Plastic-Free Kitchen