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Want to do a little more, and get involved yourself? Here are 10 ideas you can do this week to cut your carbon footprint.

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TSAcarbon-footprint-6361511 (1)1. Work out what your carbon footprint is

Finding out what you are using now is a great place to start. There are lots of carbon footprint calculators, but the WWF one is a good, simple place to start: www.footprint.wwf.org.uk Or come to the Launch on Sat 21st Nov to get help working out your carbon footprint!

20130311-MealPlanMenu2. Plan your meals

A simple way to save money and cut food waste is to plan ahead. This week, take a few minutes to plan your meals (including using leftovers) and shop to the plan.

group-of-fruits-and-vegetables3. Buy less meat and fish

This week, try replacing some meat and fish either with sustainable fish and seafood or, even better, with vegetarian meals. Meat production, especially beef and pork, is one of the biggest contributors to the gasses that cause climate change, and fish stocks of many fish are falling.

bulbs4. Give your house an energy check-over

Give you house a once-over and write a list of jobs. Check your loft insulation; is it at least 270mm thick? Check your light-bulbs; are they all low energy? Check for a jacket on your hot water tank. Feel for draughts around windows. You could do a home energy check at http://hec.est.org.uk/  You could also come to a Cut Your Carbon Footprint session on Mon 23rd Nov or Thurs 26th November to find out more!

Thermostat5. Turn down the themostat by a degree or two this week

Each degree could save you £90 per year, so try for a week and see if you get used to it.

GreenFashion6. Don’t buy stuff!

For a week, set yourself a challenge to only buy food and essentials. Anything else, either get second hand or go without. If you are shopping for Christmas, why not go into the Oxfam bookshop or other local charity shops to look for good quality pre-loved gifts?

rubbish-wheelie-bin-with-trash-put-out-for-removal7. Watch what goes in your bin

For a week, keep an eye on everything that goes in your bins (all around the house). Think about what you could have avoided. See what more you could recycle or reuse.

bicycle-classic-wall-art-sticker-018. Get your bike working

Get your bike serviced this week. (see repair event on Sat 28th Nov) It’s the first step to using them! Have a look at the cycle map online to see all the new routes, including the Green Ring.

school_day_walk9. Replace one car journey with walk/cycle/bus

Think through your week’s journeys and identify one you can switch. Try it out and decide if you could do it regularly.

Comfort-Zone10. Agree with your family one thing you’ll each do, then do it

You’ve already got ideas, haven’t you? Things you’ve been meaning to do? Well this week, get each family member to pick one, and challenge each other to do it. Who does best?

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