Gather your group or household, either on-line or in person, ready for a real conversation.

Take time to talk about the climate crisis, your thoughts for the future, and deciding what to do.

Find below all the materials you need to hold your own Climate Conversation.

What is a Climate Conversation?

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A Climate Conversation is a chance to stop and really talk about climate change, and what we need to do – both as individuals and as a society.

Why bother? Lockdown has made us question so many things, and change many habits. Let’s take this time to reflect.

Your Climate Conversation is an opportunity to prioritise the actions you can personally take, and to tell us what you think needs to be done district-wide.

  • There are eight questions and activities
  • The whole Climate Conversation takes about 2 hours.

It’s been designed by Sustainable St Albans, to be used locally, but nearly everything is relevant wherever you live, so please do share it!

How to have a Climate Conversation

  • Agree with your group or household a time to meet, in person, or online. Set aside 2 hours.
  • Make it social: get tea and cake, or a glass of wine.
  • Get ready. You need:
    • a copy of the Climate Conversation leaflet each (printed or onscreen)
  • Have your Climate Conversation!
    • As a group, discuss the questions and activities inside the Climate Conversation leaflet. Everything you need for your conversation is there … just follow the instructions!
    • At the end, choose actions that suit you.
    • And please give us your feedback using our short on-line survey.
  • If you are meeting online, you might want to screen-share the on-line survey during the activities, to help your conversation.

All the materials you need for your Climate Conversation

Graphic Design by Lee Wood of Ember Design

To hold a Climate Conversation you need:

  • the Climate Conversation leaflet:
    • EITHER download a copy here, and print it at home or use it onscreen
    • OR contact us to request a pack of paper leaflets to be dropped off (central St Albans and Harpenden only). When face-to-face events restart, you can pick up leaflets at events.
  • the sheets of cards for activities 3 and 4, which you can download here
  • access to the two short videos to watch during the Climate Conversation:
  • the online survey.
  • pen, paper, scissors.


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What kind of group can hold a Climate Conversation: Any group you are part of. It could be your household bubble, your mates, work colleagues at lunchtime, your bookgroup, your church or faith group, U3A, NCT mums… you name it. Any small group of people that are ready for a real conversation about the climate.

Does someone need to lead the session? Someone needs to arrange the Climate Conversation, but they don’t need to run it or be a climate expert! … the leaflet guides you through. It’s good if someone offers to keep charge of the time, and if someone else volunteers to do the feedback form.

Does it work over Zoom / online? Yes! We’ve got paper copies of the leaflet if you are meeting face-to-face and a pdf version for you to meet over Zoom. If you are meeting online, you might want to use the online survey to do the rankings onscreen during Activity 3 and Activity 4.

Is it suitable for children? Older children and teenagers would be fine, but not little ones.

How long does a Climate Conversation take? We’ve planned it to last around 2 hours.

Could we do it at work over two lunch hours? Yes! A Climate Conversation is eight short activities, so you can break it into two halves.

Who is behind the Climate Conversations? Sustainable St Albans has created the Climate Conversation materials, inspired by a similar project in Scotland and by the Ashden 31 Actions for Councils report. We a local environmental charity.

How do I start? Why not share this page with a group you are a part of, and ask if they would like to join you in a Climate Conversation. If they say yes, find a time, and get started!