Do you have items going into your landfill bin that you think could be recycled but are not collected by the council?

Baby food pouches, batteries, candles, takeaway coffee cups, crisp packets, milk cartons, printer cartridges….. There is a surprising amount of things that do not need to go to landfill. Use our recycling map below to see where you can take your recyclable rubbish in our local area.

Click on the small arrow in the top left hand corner to see the list of recyclable items.

Click top right hand corner to see large map

Please note that due to covid restrictions some locations on the recycling map may not currently be accepting items.

What about Reuse?

Do you have items that you no longer need that could be used by others? As well as making use of any charity bags dropped through your door, or taking items to charity shops when they are accepting donations, why not also check out the below sites for ways to pass them on locally:

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