Causing A Splash to Save the River Ver

Now that IS excessive water use! This incredible 10,000 litre bathtub will be in the town centre on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th May 2021 during #SustFest21. It is all part of Affinity Water’s new movement SOS: Save Our Streams, calling on people in St Alban’s to waste less water to save our streams. AffinityContinue reading Causing A Splash to Save the River Ver

Wonderful Winter

Wrapping myself up in many layers, I go out into the fresh and invigorating air, crunching over frosty grass, hardened mud and cracking through frozen puddles. The way the early sunshine lights up the dried seed heads of spent plants is simply stunning, and I now consider it one of the most beautiful sights of the year…Continue reading Wonderful Winter


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We explore all issues related to sustainability to inspire and encourage people to take positive steps to a low-carbon and more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

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