Awesome Autumn

Like spring, autumn is a time of change. Though, unlike spring, it is not a time of awakening; instead, it is a time of falling slowly into a deep slumber…This week’s blog written and fully illustrated by Chloé Valerie HarmsworthContinue reading Awesome Autumn

Let’s slow it down – why it’s time for 20mph zones for all

Would you like vehicles to drive more slowly down your street? I don’t think I’ve spoken to a single person for whom the answer is ‘no’. And if traffic should travel slower on your street, why not on everyone’s street? Amanda Yorwerth, co-ordinator of St Albans Friends of the Earth speaks out for 20’s PlentyContinue reading Let’s slow it down – why it’s time for 20mph zones for all

Recycling right

‘Sorted by machine’ sounds easy but it’s not because we include all sorts of things in what we put out for recycling that hamper the process and spoil the end product. Along with a lot of other households in St Albans and its villages, I could do better. Continue reading Recycling right


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We explore all issues related to sustainability to inspire and encourage people to take positive steps to a low-carbon and more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

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