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St Albans District Fixers

The St Albans District Fixers have the skills to help you repair and reuse items that may have otherwise been discarded. To be kept informed of the next St Albans District Fixers event sign up to the Sustainable St Albans Newsletter on our contact page.

On November 4th we had our last event for 2023 in partnership with the Sopwell Eco Stars.

Upcoming St Albans Fixers events for 2024 will shown below once our venue timetable has been confirmed.
For now you might like to hold two dates:-
17th February for All Saints Church Harpenden
16th March for Wheathampstead & District Preservation Society location to be confirmed

Full details of confirmed events will be shown below
and you will be able book a slot with a fixer via Eventbrite.

At each event, skilled amateur fixers look forward to tackling broken portable electrical and electronic goods, simple fabric and clothing repairs and at some events bike servicing and repair.

Further details can be found on the St Albans District Fixers Facebook page.

Simple fabric and clothing repairs. Get help to repair, reuse and recycle clothing. At the repair fair we will have people with sowing skills to bring life back to items that otherwise might be discarded.

The art of bicycle maintenance. Some of our repair fairs include advice and support on bike servicing and repair to get you and your bike going again.

Our six events to date (March 2023) have made a substantial contribution to saving CO2 and other environmental impacts.

Volunteering and The Right to Repair

We were inspired by The Restart Project. The project campaigns for consumers to be given the right to repair their own goods, and maintains a database of many thousands of fixes to support its campaigning for a meaningful right to repair. Sustainable St Albans and the St Albans Fixers contribute to this goal by using the Restart Fixometer tool to estimate e-waste and CO2 emissions savings achieved, as shown above.

In addition; our collective efforts will help counter the throw-away mentality and foster a culture of repair across the district.

Join us!

If you have skills in any of our product areas (electrics, electronics, clothing and fabrics) and want to join the fixing team, use the comment form below to tell us what skills you have to support our collective efforts. Even if you think your skills are quite basic you will be welcome, the team learn on the job and from one another. You can also contact us via our Facebook group St Albans District Fixers or just drop an email to

We would be delighted to hear from you.

To hear more about being a fixer, have a listen to this podcast on Mix 92.5

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