Our stallholders are local sustainable business and organisations that encourage sustainable living. The sustainability criteria include that all food products are vegan (honey being the exception) and that no single use items are permitted, that are not biodegradable; refills are encouraged. Traders and community stallholders need £5m of public liability insurance cover, a completed risk assessment, they also need to provide their own gazebo with weights.

BOOK NOW! booking for 18th Sept Harpenden Sustainability Market closes on 21 August* (subject to availability)

SEPTEMBER LOCATION Harpenden Common on the tree lined section close to the Town Centre, in front of Park Hall

CURRENT stallholders: to apply for a pitch please

read the last information pack below and then email us to request a pitch including 1) an updated signed and dated risk assessment IF the most recent one we have is more than one year old (or there have been material changes) and 2) your £5m Public Liability insurance if the one we have expires before 18th September 2022

NEW stallholders: to apply for a pitch please

1) Read the information pack below.

2) Complete the application form here,

3) Email us a) your £5m public liability insurance policy, b) your signed and dated risk assessment (a template is below), and c) and required food safety documentation. Your application cannot be processed without these documents.

Charity Stallholders please note – charity stallholders need a Charity Collection Licence to request donations from the public (or have a tin on a stall) and a Charity Stall Licence is required to sell items on a stall. The licenses are only required if a charity wishes to sell goods or collect donations (as opposed to eg providing information, giving away items). The licences are issued by St Albans City and District Council: details are here; for any queries please contact SACDC, the contact email is here.

Future markets – the location for future markets (after September 2022) has not yet been decided. We’ll be in touch about this in the second half of September.