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What you can do at home

In the UK, around 22% of the country’s carbon emissions come from our homes – including heating, lighting and appliances. The way you heat your home, keep the energy use efficient, buy and dispose of food and objects, and make choices about your money, all have an impact on the planet and also, most probably, your wallet.

Positive choices for the planet almost always have positive choices for your wallet, your health and your well-being. Check out our guides below on simple steps you can take, and why, to help you live more sustainably, in St Albans District, in your home.

Thermal imaging camera helps to ensure buildings are efficient

Efficient Buildings

Keeping you warm and your bills lower including information about Thermal Imaging Cameras, Insulation and generating your own energy.

solar panel farm

Green your energy

Buying in electricity from renewable sources.

Sustainable, natural food

All about food

Have you considered your carbon foodprint?

Repairing household items

Repair and Reuse

Don’t bin it: fix it!

Slow Fashion

Buy better, buy less, remain stylish.

Greener Transport

Walk, bike, share a ride, ditch the car maybe?

Local Recycling Map

Keeping the circular economy spinning.

Make your money count

The hidden costs of your buying choices.

Ditch the Plastic

Reduce, reuse, recycle…