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Festive streets

Decorate the windows on your street

Sign up for your free Festive Streets information pack each November and December. (The linked form will be live at those times.)

Get together with your neighbours in St Albans, Harpenden and villages and decorate your street’s windows during the winter months. Bring cheer to the neighbourhood and pull local residents together for an easy, fun-filled activity to do as a community. If you’d like to create a similar activity in your community, simply follow our steps below:

Co-ordinate with your neighbours

In its simplest form, neighbours volunteer to decorate a street-facing window of their home and co-ordinate with each other to agree a timetable and a theme. Sign up to get our free information pack, available each November and December, which has template notes to neighbours.

Invite everyone to join in, including shops, classrooms or offices too

All the neighbours in a street are invited to join in with Festive Streets – whether they choose to decorate a window or simply enjoy the displays.

The Festive Street concept could equally be applied to school classroom windows, an office block or a parade of shops.

Neighbours might take it in turns to decorate windows on different days during an agreed period e.g. 2 weeks or 1 month. Smaller streets might decide to decorate their windows all on the same day.

For more detail on how to go about it, sign up to get our free information pack which is available each November and December.

Fancy or simple is up to you: but keep it sustainable

The project is run at street level and you can decide for yourselves whether you keep it simple or go the full hog – perhaps raising money for charity or choosing a more ambitious theme.

Please use sustainable, recycled materials wherever possible and minimise energy usage, particularly on lights. If you do use lights, please avoid flashing lights as these can adversely impact some people.

For ideas and techniques, check out our blog on how to decorate your windows.

The original Festive Streets 2020

Festive Streets is a project to encourage community cohesion and positivity and was born during the Covid winter of 2020-21. It is brought to you by the team behind our Playing Out project each winter. Click here to see our photo gallery of the 2020 winter project.

Find out more about Playing Out

If you’ve enjoyed the idea of Festive Streets, you can also visit our Playing Out page to find out all about how to close your road so children can play and adults can mingle.