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Lockdown Competition Delights

See entries for our #lockdown competition!

Our competition for under-18s shows how young people have been living sustainably during lockdown. Youngsters were asked to send in photos, artwork or a piece of writing inspired by what they have been doing. What wonderful entries we received!

Lockdown competition - Jessica age 9 my bike
Jessica age 9 – my bike

Isobel Mitchell, Chair of the Sustainable St Albans Schools Group which ran the competition, said:

“We were delighted to receive so many lovely entries from the children of the district, enthusing about the eco-friendly activities they have been doing during lockdown. We had some stunning artwork and some fabulous pieces of writing as well as lots of photographs and collages. It was great to find out how children had been connecting with nature and the environment over the last couple of months.”

Just see some of the entries for yourself…

Many children are growing fruit, vegetables and flowers in their gardens or in containers inside and out.  Poppy, age 5, and Abbey, age 3, have decorated old containers and planted them with vegetables and herbs.

Lockdown competition - Poppy and Abby sunflowers
Poppy and Abbey with sunflowers

Meredith, age 14, sent in beautiful drawings of her tomato seedlings at each stage of growth.

Lockdown competition - Meredith age 14 and tomato plants
Meredith’s drawing of her tomatoes plants

Bethany, age 7, is keeping a seed diary recording the changes in plants that she has sowed and said “I planted runner beans, sweetcorn, carrots and peas”.

Lockdown competition - Bethany age 8 and seed diary
Bethany’s seed diary

David, age 9, said: “We have 2 hanging baskets of strawberries, some beetroots, tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, violas, and cress.”

Lockdown competition - David age 9 and plants
David age 9 and plants

Johanna, 15, said “I have really enjoyed planting new life and caring and nurturing all the plants.”

Housing nature

Many have been creating habitats for animals and plants such as building bug hotels, digging ponds and growing wild flowers for bees and other pollinators. Justin, age 14, sent in a picture of his bug hotel made from pallets.

Lockdown competition - Oliver age 11 bug house
Another bug house – this time by Oliver, age 11

Other young people are enjoying having the time to simply watch the nature in their garden

Kate, age 10, submitted a picture of all her garden’s nature-friendly features including swift boxes on the house and pollinator-friendly plants.

Lockdown competition - Kate age 10 my garden
Kate’s nature-friendly garden

Anna, age 7, made a collage showing a baby blue tit that had fledged from its nest and landed on her patio.

Emma, age 10, captured many children’s love of nature when she wote:

“Nature is fun, fascinating, it gives you a good attitude, and it refreshes your mind. We need to live in harmony with our environment, not only using it but taking care of it and enjoying the beauty of all different places.”

Arts and Crafts

Sustainable art and craft has been a popular activity during lockdown. Alfie, age 3, and Josh, age 5 took photographs of the papier mâché bowl they made using recycled materials.

Lockdown competition - Josh age 5 with papier mache bowl
osh age 5 with papier mache bowl

Callum, age 8, created a 3D picture of a shark from his family’s recycling and entitled it “Make Art to Save the Sea”.

Lockdown competition - Callum age 8 and shark art
Callum age 8 and shark art

Priya, age 11, made a pen holder from recycled materials.

Lockdown competition - Priay age 11 pen holder
Priya age 11-  pen holder

Many children and their families are repurposing unwanted items. Edwyn, age 11, showed ideas that he and his family have designed for their garden makeover.

He said “We used pieces of chimney found in a skip as plant pots and used old roof tiles as lawn edging.”

Lina, age 6, was particularly proud of the house she has made for her cat from cardboard boxes.

Exploring #wildplay

Other children showed how they are exploring the St Albans district area on bikes and foot. Eva, age 8, sent in a photo of herself and younger sisters exploring a local area.

Lockdown competition - Eva age 8 in Sopwell
Eva said: “We decided to take a trip to the Roman Nunnery on Cottonmill Lane. Me and my sister’s loved playing hide and seek, taking pictures and just having fun together in something that is so old.”

With shops closed and warm weather, young people’s thoughts are also turning to fashion -with creative ideas on how to make the most of what they already own.

Alexandra, age 13, said “I used leftover avocado pits and skin to tie dye an old shirt so that I would want to wear it more often, and it wouldn’t go to waste.”

Lockdown competition - Alex age 13 tie dye
Alexandra age 13 tie dye

Sienna, age 12, sums up the spirit of the competition well when she wrote in her entry: Helping the environment is really important because without it we wouldn’t be able to survive or exist. It’s the place where all humans live. If you don’t help the environment, it’s over; there is no planet B like earth.”

Catherine Ross, trustee of Sustainable St. Albans said: “We hope this heightened appreciation and awareness of the environment will continue post-lockdown and will encourage all of us to #buildbackbetter. We can continue to walk and cycle more, rather than using the car, and look after the natural world on our doorsteps and beyond.”  

All the entries were put into a prize draw and five of the entries received a £15 token.

If you and your family are looking for ideas on creating habitats and looking after the environment, take a look at our Sustainable St Albans Lockdown A-Z.

Enjoy looking through lots of the entries in our display below.:


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