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Gardens, Greening, Allotments

Quick and Easy Ways to Eat More Plants

Becky Alexander shows us how we can introduce more plants into our meals, cutting our carbon footprint while exploring delicious new dishes.

Fruit, Veg & Wildlife in a Smaller Garden

Insects are attracted by profusely flowering plants such as the hot-lips salvia, while bug and bee hotels offer them the chance to stay and to hibernate. Similarly, the small pond attracts newts and frogs and a nearby pile of old wood and tiles gives them somewhere to over-winter.

Wonderful Winter

Wrapping myself up in many layers, I go out into the fresh and invigorating air, crunching over frosty grass, hardened mud and cracking through frozen puddles. The way the early sunshine lights up the dried seed heads of spent plants is simply stunning, and I now consider it one of the most beautiful sights of the year…

One Woman’s journey #veganuary

“Like most people, I knew I could do more, but I wasn’t ready to commit to something which I felt so intimidated by…”

#ShowTheLove with green hearts in your window

Join us in supporting the Climate Coalition’s #ShowTheLove Green Hearts campaign this February. Show the Love for everything you want to protect from the climate crisis.