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Wonderful Winter

Wrapping myself up in many layers, I go out into the fresh and invigorating air, crunching over frosty grass, hardened mud and cracking through frozen puddles. The way the early sunshine lights up the dried seed heads of spent plants is simply stunning, and I now consider it one of the most beautiful sights of the year…

Decorate Your Window for Festive Streets

“Decorate a window”. For some people, it’s pure pleasure – an artistic joy they were born to produce. Yet, for others, it’s a hugely daunting task and they wouldn’t know where to start. If you fall into the latter category, read on!

Awesome Autumn

Like spring, autumn is a time of change. Though, unlike spring, it is not a time of awakening; instead, it is a time of falling slowly into a deep slumber…This week’s blog written and fully illustrated by Chloé Valerie Harmsworth

Lockdown Competition Delights

See the wonderful entries from our #lockdown competition – the district’s under-18s showed us how they have been living sustainably.

Follow the Blue Dot trail

Follow the Blue Dot Art Trail with over 30 incredible pieces of art all on the theme of single-ue plastic #SustFest19 @plasticfreesta