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Sustainability Market – Meet the Stallholders

Introducing Zen Studio Therapies

Zen Studio Therapies are a family run business, mum Tina and son Miles.  They have been in operation since May 2017 and can be found at our Sustainability markets, local markets, online and at their home studio in Harpenden. 

Tina and Miles have gone to great lengths to try and place sustainability at the core of their business. As well as making their own range of Artisan Aromatherapy products, which include home and body products with essential oils that are vegan, natural and earth friendly, other aspects of their business have been carefully thought through and considered. Among other things, Tina and Miles source local and UK based products and use compostable and recyclable packaging, labels and containers that are all plastic free. As keen allotment owners they have more recently stocked a range of plantable seeded flower cards to use as candle dust covers and thank you cards.  

Zen Studio Therapies will be joining us at the next Sustainability market on Sunday 19th March on Harpenden Common but we’ve managed to have a quick chat with them;

Who are your favourite customers? 

All of them!  If they shop with us we know that we’re on the same wavelength.  It’s always a great bonus to be in our local area knowing we’re providing a service to the local community.

What is the best thing about St Albans District? 

There’s more than one so here’s a few of our top things; The natural environment – there’s so much to see and do, the friendliness of the local people, groups and sense of community.

Do you have a funny market stall story? 

At one busy Christmas market, we had several groups of people looking for gifts and as we are Danish (Miles speaks Danish, but is born in UK), we were trying to explain the very Danish concept of “Hygge”, which is also the name of some of the diffusers, candles and a bath oil in our range. It’s a difficult concept to explain in another language as it relates to a feeling . Suddenly one of the families started talking Danish to us, and it dawned on us that we had been trying to explain a Danish concept to Danish people. We all had a good laugh and a natter, in Danish, of course.

What are your best eco tips?

Shop locally at markets of course.  Also utilize essential oils as they have such a variety of uses and you only need a tiny amount.  Not only can they be used in body products but in your everyday cleaning and washing, when mixed with Vinegar and Bicarbonate of soda they can add a wonderful scent or provide antibacterial properties.  We like our cleaning and washing, like our people – Non toxic!

To keep up to date with all things Zen Therapies follow them on Facebook or Instagram. To find out the dates of our Sustainability Markets and other events visit our website.

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