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Sustainability Market – Meet the stallholders

Introducing Jane Holgate – Clean Living

Cleaning products are everywhere in our homes and offices. We use them on our dishes, countertops, furniture, clothes, floors, windows, which also means they float through the air we breathe.  Jane Holgate of Clean Living is on a mission to help reduce our toxic load, by going chemical free. 

Jane is an ambassador for the range of Clean Living products who supply a range of cleaning products that are natural, biodegradable, PH neutral, vegan friendly and non-damaging to aquatic life.  Their biological products contain friendly bacteria, called Bacillus, which engulf and kill bad bacteria without the use of chemicals.  A bit like a prebiotic used for a healthy gut, leaving good bacteria behind.  Not all of their products are biological some use traditional ingredients that our grandparents used to use, like white vinegar and corn starch. 

As well as being environmentally friendly their products come in reusable aluminium bottles. The cleaning refill sachets can then be returned to Clean Living and recycled.  Washable cleaning cloths, compostable coconut scourers, and laundry washing strips mean that Jane has a solution for all of your cleaning needs.

Jane is a long-term local resident having lived in Harpenden for over 20 years however she has only been trading since 2022 but is already a regular fixture on our Sustainability Markets in Harpenden.  So please pop along and visit her at the next one on 19th March.

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