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University of Herts student series: My Journey to a Low-Plastic Life

Meet Isaac, a Master’s student in Management with a strong passion for web development and a commitment to sustainability. As a member of the UH Sustainability Advocates Team, he aims to make a positive impact on the environment through actions and projects. We’re delighted that Isaac has chosen to share his journey with us below. To follow in Isaac’s footsteps read more about Ditching the Plastic on our website.

Understand the Urgency

Plastic pollution is an issue with global implications, and its effects on the environment and wildlife are alarming. When I was researching for a school project, I stumbled upon a report that revealed a staggering 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year. This statistic, combined with the knowledge that plastic takes hundreds of years to break down, was a wake-up call for me. I was determined to take action and make a difference, so I decided to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing my use of plastic. This is my story of embracing change and reaping the rewards.

My Adventure to a Greener Lifestyle


My journey towards a plastic-free life started with increased awareness of how plastic affects our planet. I took a closer look at my own plastic consumption, and the results were shocking. From grocery bags to food packaging, plastic had a significant presence in my daily life.

Making Changes:

I took meaningful steps to reduce my plastic use, such as bringing reusable shopping bags and using a refillable water bottle instead of plastic ones. I also made an effort to buy food items packaged in more sustainable materials. 


Although I faced certain difficulties – for example, finding a refillable shower cream bottle that didn’t leak – I was determined to overcome these obstacles with a little persistence and research.


The benefits of reducing my plastic use were numerous, both for the environment and my own personal wellbeing. For instance, using a refillable water bottle encouraged me to drink more water, and buying food packaged in recyclable materials helped me make healthier choices.

Conclusion and next steps:

In conclusion, reducing my use of plastic has been a learning experience that has taught me the importance of being mindful of my consumption and its impact on the environment. The challenges were outweighed by the numerous benefits, and I encourage others to follow in my footsteps.  Going forward I am looking to reduce my meat consumption and consume more plant-based foods. I’m looking forward to embracing change and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle!

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