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Saving the Planet from the Laundry Room

Saving the planet from the laundry room or the art of sustainable washing – In this guest blog, Terry Over looks at the environmental impact of this everyday task.

Chemicals Down The Drain

I remember a light bulb moment a few years ago when my children were younger; “Keep out of reach of children” was the warning on the laundry detergent. So, if it is not great for our children, why are we using it to wash their clothes and then sending the rinsed water down the drain to the rivers and the sea? 

One Woman’s journey #veganuary

“Like most people, I knew I could do more, but I wasn’t ready to commit to something which I felt so intimidated by…”

Hassle Free Veganuary

Don’t give up, be different, show some sticking power. To hopefully help with your Veganuary pledge I’ve included some tips for getting through it.

Reduce Energy Use At Home

At Sustainable St Albans, we have two thermal imaging cameras for loan. They have been borrowed by over 300 people across the district over the last six years..find out what you can discover with the camera – and how to borrow it!

The Low-Maintenance Food Garden

Perhaps you’re coming to the end of a glorious growing season in your garden or allotment, or maybe it didn’t go so well and you’re wondering how to do better next year. Maybe you’ve yet to try it and it all looks a bit too much like hard work.

Recycling right

‘Sorted by machine’ sounds easy but it’s not because we include all sorts of things in what we put out for recycling that hamper the process and spoil the end product. Along with a lot of other households in St Albans and its villages, I could do better.

How to go plastic-free Part 2: Bathroom 

How to go plastic-free Part 2: Bathroom . This week, let’s look at some ideas to rid your bathroom of polluting plastics and support small businesses at the same time. #plasticfreejuly