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Local & sustainable food

Choosing low impact, local, seasonal and organic diets and reducing food waste.

FoodSmiles St Albans local food growing community – Open Day

St Lukes Church Sustainability Cafe and Christmas Crafts Fair

Community Food Waste Challenge ‘A Week Without Food Waste’ #foodrescueStA

JPA and The Green Triange Business Need to Feed Challenge


Buisness Need to Feed Challenge

Look! St Albans talk on Food and Urbanism with Dr Susan Parham

Schools’ projects on Food Waste

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Food Waste Challenge top tips and photos

Prizes from Box Local and Farr Brewery; Sustainable Menu at The Cafe on the Corner

Sustainable Fishing sessions at Alban City School with the MSC Cat

Dragon’s Apprentice team hold Vegan Cake sales at events during the week

Quakers home produce sale, Cafe on the Corner vegetarian menu, Eat Wholefoods offer, Beer Shop reusable flagon offer, veg at Food Smiles St Albans.

Trestle Arts Base all week giving away coffee grounds for compost