Make changes that matter. These 16 steps are the most effective way to reduce your carbon pollution and persuade others to do the same. Our resources are here to help you take each step. Sign up for a step today at Count Us In; tick that you are part of the St Albans Climate Action Network , and your step will be added to others from around the district. #CountUsIn #StAlbansCAN

Click on a step to find useful resources:

Speak up at Work– page coming soon – meantime find our FREE Climate Conversation pack

Fly less – page coming soon – meantime have a look at the Seat61 site

Repair and Reuse – page coming soon – meantime read our Dare to Repair blog

Dial it Down– page coming soon – meantime see the Energy Saving Trust

Drive electric – page coming soon – meantime read this guide from the RAC

We have a handy “Climate Action card” that you can use at events and give to members of your organisations. To order a batch, complete this form:

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