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Drive electric


The next time you’re thinking about purchasing a car, consider an electric one – your purchase will significantly reduce your carbon pollution and improve local air quality. Read our blog here.

Instead of burning fossil fuels, EVs are powered by a battery, which is charged by electricity. Since electricity is becoming gradually “cleaner”, as the proportion of electricity in the national grid produced by renewables increases, switching from petrol to electric cuts your carbon footprint by two thirds.

All sales of new petrol and diesel cars are stopping from 2030, with some hybrids allowed until 2035, so it’s a question of “not if, but when?”.

Fully Charged “Maddie goes electric” series


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LISTEN: to this special #CountdownToCOP Radio Verulam podcast talking about Driving Electric Cars

Fully Charged is a website and YouTube channel with lots of videos about everything to do with electric cars. It’s a great place to find reviews and guides. For example:

A brilliant place to start is their series “Maddie goes electric“. This follows presenter Maddie learning all about electric cars and the reality of driving and charging one:


Not sure what models are suitable for your needs? Use the EV Database to filter all available models by multiple filters; for example than you want a range of 200 miles, 5 seats, and a price of less than £30k.

Visit the Electric Vehicle Experience Centre in Milton Keynes to see and test drive multiple different kinds of electric vehicles.

Find your local dealerships.


Like a petrol car, you can buy new EVs from dealerships or you can buy them secondhand, from sites like Autotrader or from local garages such as the St Albans Car Centre.

To get a feel for what’s available secondhand these days, go onto the Autotrader website and filter by “fuel type, electric”, and give it the price and battery range you want.

There is also the leasing option, through sites such as Wevee and OnTo. This can allow you to try a car out for a while, if you aren’t sure about purchasing.

Ask your employer whether they offer a salary sacrifice scheme. With Salary Sacrifice, your company leases the EV, but you pay for it with a monthly deduction from your pay – before income tax and national insurance.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash


Anyone thinking about an electric car is thinking about range and about charging. Range is becoming less of an issue, since cars typically have 200 miles on a single charge now.

There is guide to charging on the ZapMap site, or watch the Maddie goes electric video above.

If you have a driveway, then you can get a home charging unit, and so will only need to charge away from home when on holiday or longer trips.

Public chargers are all shown on ZapMap.

If you don’t have a driveway, it’s more of an issue. Solutions are coming, like the lamppost charging points in Camden. St Albans Council is expanding the network of public charging points, including at Westminster Lodge.

COMMIT: Sign up to Count Us In today, and make changes that matter.

When you register, tick to say you are part of the St Albans Climate Action Network, and then your steps will be counted alongside other local people.

Driving electric is one of the 16 highest impact steps you can take.

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