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We run several projects and many events (not just SustFest!) – you can find all our projects on the website here: including: the Sustainability Festival (right across the district); how to borrow the thermal imaging camera; Playing Out (when kids come out to play and neighbours talk to each other); the Sustainable Schools training, the Harpenden Sustainability Markets, and Repair Fairs.

We also run regular events in St Albans and Harpenden. Events: find our latest event listing here: including the regular “Our Planet Our Future” events in Harpenden.

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Sign up, come along, join in!

Find resources to live more sustainably

We’ve got a St Albans section within the international Count Us In campaign, which focusses on the 16 highest impact steps you can take. (When you register, tick that you’re part of “St Albans Climate Action Network”.)

* We have loads of online resources on our own website here
* Including for each of the 16 Count Us In climate action steps
* Find information on sustainable living here
* Find resources on home energy here
* Find resources for schools here
Read up, and start making changes!

Volunteer occasionaly

Could you do a shift on a stall for us? We occasionally need people to do an hour here or there, e.g. the run up to SustFest, or at the new sustainability markets in Harpenden. 

Could you put up posters for us in your local area? We often need people who can spend half a day taking flyers/posters around the cafés, pubs, community centre and libraries where they live.

Could you write a blog for us on something you’re passionate about?

Could you research, read and summarise resources on a particular topic?

Perhaps you have volunteer days from your employer, which you could use doing some of these things.

If you are happy to be contacted, please email us here with a description of what you can do, and an idea of your availability.

Volunteer regularly

We are a volunteer-run charity. All our projects and events are run by local people who give up their time for free because they are passionate about the environment and want to make a difference.

Simply put, the more people we have, the more we can do. We need self-motivated, skilled people like you who can get things done.

Wondering how to get involved? Have a look through our projects and events to see what catches your eye, and read the current volunteer opportunities.

Then get in touch, and tell us your skills. what you’d like to do, and how much time you have. We’d love to hear from you.

Start a new project within Sustainable St Albans

We love new ideas! However, we don’t have the capacity to start more projects ourselves. If you have a great idea that will make the District more sustainable, and you are happy to roll up your sleeves to get it started, then get in touch.

All our current projects began as ideas, and blossomed with the energy and enthusiasm of a handful of local people. Often, the first step is an open meeting, calling for other interested people. If you can arrange a meeting like this, we can help you promote it to our mailing list and see who comes along.

If you have a project idea, a good place to start is with an informal conversation with one of our trustees – email us. When you are ready, you will come to a trustee meeting and present your proposal, telling us what’s involved and what it would cost. 

Share your professional skills

Do you work in a role linked to the environment and sustainability, or in the charity sector, and have skills and knowledge we could learn from?

Perhaps you could speak on your subject area at one of our events. What’s your thing … Transport? Energy? Food? Architecture? Waste? Water? Plastics? Biodiversity? Campaigning?

Could you help us prepare a response to a council consultation? There are regular consultations, and we need access to networks of experts to submit responses. We are a member of the Council’s Climate Crisis Advisory Group, and regularly need to give input on council documents.

Let children on your street come out and play

Applications are now open for the Playing Out scheme in 2022. If you are interested in closing your street for children’s play and for community building, then find all the information you need here .

Help from home in your own time

Like, share, and comment on our social media posts; your reactions will make the algorithms move our posts up for other people.

Find and watch an environmental film or two, and send us a review. (Either feature films or short, informative films.) We are always keen to find good ones to show at events and link to from our website.

Write a blog piece. Give us your perspective on environmental issues that matter to you. You can see examples on our webpage here, for length and format. You need to send us a good photo or two as well.

Create a list of good resources on a particular environmental topic (or update one we already have). Perhaps you know about solar panels, sustainable travel, EV cars, second-hand fashion, vegan food, or something completely different?

Write a case study of changes you’ve made to your house. For example, if you’ve borrowed our thermal imaging camera and taken action based on this, could you write a few paragraphs about it, and send us photos?

Talk to others about climate issues

Whether you get involved with us or not, you can really help in your daily life by talking about the importance of taking action for climate and nature.  

Explain to the people in your life why it matters to you. Tell them about the second-hand bargain you picked up, or where you got your dishwasher repaired. Enthuse about the new cycle route you just discovered, or mention that great vegan meal you had.  Show them the tomatoes you’re growing and the wildlife area you built out of scrap. Make it normal to show we care about what is happening, and want to take action, because climate change and biodiversity loss is a problem for today not tomorrow.

Want to talk more, but not sure how? Use our Climate Conversation pack.
Not sure what to do first? Sign up to Count Us In on the St Albans page, pick a step to take, and then tell your friends you’ve done it.

Does even that sound too heavy? Then choose an event to come to and bring a friend along.   

Become a trustee

We are actively recruiting for new people to join the existing trustee group. You need to bring time and enthusiasm, and some knowledge of sustainability and the district, and a commitment to the work and ethos of Sustainable St Albans.

If you think you may be interested please have a look at the Trustee Role description here.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch and send us an email to trustees here .

We would start with an informal discussion, an interview, and a chance to observe a couple of trustee meetings before you need to make a commitment.

Want to volunteer with us?