Our Planet Our Future Speaker Videos

In April 2018, a group of seriously sustainable local speakers presented to the launch event of Sustainable St Albans Week.

We are delighted to make videos of those talks available for you to watch at your convenience.  The videos are all short, they covering an amazing breath of subjects relating to sustainability.  Which one will you watch first?

The programme of the videos is here.  Just click on the video links below to watch the videos.  They are also on our You Tube channel here.

Act One: six talks and performances including: Knowledge is power, Learning with nature, Housing for the future

Suzanne Dolan

Knowledge is power

People everywhere are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. But what are the steps that you can take that will make the biggest difference?

Jessica Dolan

Plastic Fishing Only!

Jessica, age 7, has already made great steps to combat plastic pollution at the beach and in the Thames. Can she inspire you to make a difference?

Jessica did indeed very much inspire the attendees on 21st April 2018.  Jessica’s talk was not recorded for publication.

Heidi Mansell

Learn with nature

Raising awareness of the fantastic green spaces in Harpenden and offering fun, practical examples of how people can learn in nature – featuring gems of local inspiration!

Juliet Troy, John Mole

Poetry reading

the video includes poetry readings from Act One and Act Two

Charlene Clear

Imagining tomorrow’s homes

An insight into the near and distant future of new homes; energy, health and the role of technology.

Stefania Estacchini

Growing your home!

Practical and real examples of bioclimatic home extensions designed to save energy for heating, cooling and lighting without the need of using expensive renewable technology.

Act Two: six talks and performances including: Money matters, Investing in solutions, Art in the environment

Michael Wilkins

Money matters

To avoid the catastrophic consequences of climate change, trillions are needed. But what makes the City invest in green initiatives and why does money matter?

Cam Ross

Investing in Solutions

Hear how a group of business angels from different backgrounds can use their experience and modest amounts of money to help green technology businesses.

Rubina Raut

Saving the planet once a month

Rubina talks about periods, taboos, environment and WUKA reusable eco-friendly period underwear.

Alan George, Juliet Troy

Poetry reading

Alan’s poems were read by John Mole.  For the video of these readings see Act One above.

Melissa Painter

Water, water, not a drop to drink

How can a country known for grey skies and drizzle be water scarce in South East? Find out simple ways to save water to suit your lifestyle.

Catherine Fenton

The art of the matter

Art can be an intriguing way to start a conversation about environmental issues, drawing the viewer in through an instinctive response to the imagery.

Act Three: six talks and performances including: How many? Alternative Foods, Active Travel, How we can all make a difference.

Stephen Bown

How many?

How human overpopulation and overconsumption are endangering our climate and environment. Both must be addressed for the security of future generations.


Darja Dobermann

The good, the bad and the bugly

Everything you want to know about edible insects as food or feed; what’s good, what’s bad and what’s just plain old media hype.


Davina Malcolm


How an island community took action to maintain sustainability.

Alister Barclay

From A to B

Active travel – walking, cycling, running, scooting – offers massive benefits to society. So what’s stopping us? We’ll examine barriers and how to overcome them.

Carolina Karlstrom

Low carbon lifestyle

About the opportunities and challenges to living a low carbon lifestyle, seeking to inspire! No one can do everything and we can all do something.

Carolina was unfortunately unwell on 21st April, however, we are delighted that Carolina will be the guest speaker at our evening meeting on 14th January, Our Planet Our Future continues at The Harpenden Arms.  The meeting is free, more information and booking is here.

Karl Wilding

Inspiring action – we count!

We know change is needed, but how does change happen? We have heard today from individuals making a difference; what can we each do now?