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What can you do, to make a difference?

So, you’re worried about climate change, you’re aware of the issues, and you want to act. That’s a great place to start .

Ayletts growing sustainability

Ayletts Nursery invite you to recycle your unwanted plastic garden pots – but did you know how much they are doing to reduce their carbon footprint?

What makes our city sustainable?

A change from ‘want/have’ economics to ‘need/ consider’ economics: the desperate and hysterical consumption of the 80s and 90s now looks decidedly distasteful and is being replaced by a borrow/reuse/packaging free/fewer-better kind of purchasing.

Follow the Blue Dot trail

Follow the Blue Dot Art Trail with over 30 incredible pieces of art all on the theme of single-ue plastic #SustFest19 @plasticfreesta

What difference can one person make?

There are people who are really good at this stuff. They cycle everywhere, never go abroad, eat vegan food, and recycle everything. This blog is for those of us who know we could do a bit more. Sounds like you? Here are 10 painless ways to make a difference: