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Sustainable Money by Catherine Ross

How green is your finance, and does it matter?

Where we save and invest our money has an enormous environmental impact, that most of us don’t even stop to consider.

With most of the choices we make, the impact on the environment is pretty direct … whether we drive or walk, for example, or whether we recycle.  With our money, it’s trickier, but just as important. Do you know what companies your pension fund invests in, and does it matter? Is the degree of climate risk that your money is exposed to at a level you are comfortable with?  How can big companies be encouraged to act environmentally?  How transparent are companies about their environmental standards in the first place?  And if we did want to move our money, what choices are there?

On Tuesday 24th April, we will get insights into important questions like these at Sustainable Money: Climate Risk and Investment.  Expert speakers from CCLA, S&P Global, and The Big Shift will speak and then take your questions.

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