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How do you cope with the nappies, wet wipes, sippy cups, plastic spoons….

My children used 12,000 nappies and 36,000 wet wipes between them by the time they were 2 years old. They also used 12 toddler sippy cups, 20 plastic plates, 18 bowls, and 30 plastic spoons and forks.

All of which ended up in landfill.

Today our guest blog is from Laura aka Mama Bamboo – a SustFest19 Silver Sponsor and organiser of the 1st June Verulamium Park Sustainable Picnic and taking part in the Market Takeover 19th May

The council doesn’t offer industrial composting for nappies, the wipes were the polyester kind from the supermarket and the plastic tableware was so scored and worn that I couldn’t pass it to charity.

Guilt! Guilt! More guilt! 

I started my company, Mama Bamboo, to try and reverse the awful damage I had inflicted on the environment in 4 short years. Bamaboo eco-nappies are made from bamboo, corn starch and chlorine free wood pulp. We use semi degradable SAP and package them in biodegradable wrapping. Bamaboo wipes are 100% compostable bamboo fibre. Our products offer babies a luxuriously soft and gentle product for their delicate skin. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, temperate regulating, breathable and moisture wicking. All of which means less chance of nappy rash.

It’s also very sustainable. Bamboo grows at an amazing rate during its growing season and when harvested following the FSC guidelines it actually promotes forest growth. It requires no pesticides or fertilisers or even irrigation.

It’s also super adaptable. In addition to providing a soft cushiony fabric for nappies, it can be used to make hardwearing tableware! Amazing.

I’ve carefully developed a range of bamboo fibre tableware for toddlers and young children, featuring 8 adorable characters from the ENVU Cubs Club based on the WWF endangered species list. They are dishwasher safe, durable and wonderfully tactile. Each set is accompanied by a little storycard introducing your chosen character and giving little ones a few fun facts. It also explains why each animal is on the Endangered and Vulnerable species list, thereby engaging youngsters in early discussion regarding conversation. 5% of all profits are donated to WWF.

We will be supporting the St Albans Sustainability Festival because it is so important for conservations to start at home. We live just outside St Albans in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside and I think it’s an environment worth protecting. We’ll be at the SustFest Market takeover on the 19th May and we’ll be hosting a Sustainable Picnic in the Park on the 1st June. We would love to see you there.


Laura a.k.a. Mama Bamboo

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