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Sustainable St Albans

At last!
Sustainable St Albans & District Week 21-28 November 2015 is set to go!

The week is all about organisations, groups and individuals running an event or activity during the week. The activity will suit the group’s own interests and will be about some aspect of sustainable living.


Sustainable Living is not just about energy efficiency, although this is important. Equally it is about building health and happy communities where people talk to each other, reduce isolation and help each other stay healthy!

It means we enjoy and promote the local heritage of our beautiful St Albans and District area by making sure we visit and support local sites of interest.

It means we think about bio-diversity and the natural resources of the area; encourage pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies, visit and get to understand local natural habitats.

The special thing about Sustainable St Albans Week is that it is run by you! It gives your group the opportunity to show the district what you are doing to create a more sustainable future.

Who is coordinating the week?

The week is being coordinated by a partnership of Transition St Albans, Friends of the Earth and with the support of St Albans District Council. A small group of enthusiatic volunteers have been meeting for a couple of months to get the week underway. We’ve been fund-raising, creating a (basic) website, getting our Facebook and Twitter underway, and starting to invite groups and organisations to take part.

Groups already involved

Now we have a brilliant group of organisations who want to take part in the week, including the University of Hertfordshire, St Albans Youth Council, Groundwork Herts, St Albans Community Service Volunteers, a dozen schools, faith organisations including St Albans Diocese, St Albans Quakers and many more! Altogether we now have 35 groups who have registered their support with us, and we are still looking for more!

If you want to get involved

Look on our website and sign up your group. See this Information Sheet for more information: Information Sheet 1 How to get involved

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