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Learning in Lockdown: Free online sustainability courses

Want to use lockdown time to get to grips with sustainability issues in a way that’s potentially fun, free, and at your own pace, courtesy of some of the world’s best academic institutions?

By educating yourself you’ll be able to make a greater practical difference to your community, to your world, and potentially enhance your future job prospects. What’s not to love?

Written for us by Diane Bell –  this #Lockdown Guest Blog opens up the world of learning to you!

What platforms are there?

A “MOOC” is a “Massive Open Online Course”; this means a course offered online to unlimited people.

The three biggest online platforms for MOOCs are Coursera, edX, and FutureLearn. They offer sessions on every subject under the sun, accessible worldwide to anyone with a computer and internet access.

No experience or qualifications needed, and many courses are free.

So why not take the opportunity to really get hands on with some of those issues you’ve never had the time to dive into before?

Does sustainable fashion or tourism interest you? Copenhagen Business School has it covered. How about food sustainability? The Eden Project can help. Keen to hear French or Scandinavian input into the smart cities and sustainable infrastructure debate? L’École Polytechnique de Lausanne and Lund University are on standby.

Courses change regularly, but here are some current examples;

This is a tiny snapshot of what’s available. Whether you’re looking for a general introductory course or something specialist (e.g. business sustainability strategies, something on the green and circular economy, agriculture, freight logistics, or climate change mitigation in developing countries), it’s all there for the

Happy learning! And don’t forget to share any particular gems you find with us!

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